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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of EPS Process Machines, Moulds etc. We have a well-established manufacturing facility about 25 kms. away from Pune in Western part of India. Our equipments are used in many countries like Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah (UAE), Yemen, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Eritrea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Botswana (Africa), Nigeria, Muscat (Oman), Ghana, Libya, Doha (Qatar), South America (Surinam) & Germany etc.
We enjoy over 80% Market Share in India, and have successfully installed more than 105 complete EPS projects in India and total 228 complete EPS projects in 28 countries worldwide for various applications i.e. EPS (Styrofoam) Sheets for Insulation of Building & Construction, EPS (Styrofoam) Inserts for Thermocole Sandwich Block, EPS (Styrofoam) Roof Insulation Boards, EPS (Styrofoam) Vegetable Packaging Boxes for vegetables and fruits packaging, EPS (Styrofoam) Packaging for Electronic Items and Automobile Spare Parts, Packaging EPS (Styrofoam) Fish Boxes for Fish Packaging, Storage & Transportation etc. and also some orders for EPS Machineries from U.S.A.

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